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CONDUCTOR - Nachman Yariv

Nachman Yariv was born in Argentina and started taking piano lessons at the age of six.  In 1957 his family moved to Israel and he completed his musical education at the Rubin Academy of Music, Tel Aviv.  He did his compulsory military service in the Israel armys band, as a tuba player and assistant conductor.

After his army service, Nachman used his skills in the theater, conducting several musicals. Over the last 20 years, he has become more and more involved in musical education, directing the Lod Youth Band, conducting the National Kibbutz Youth Band and as consultant of the Rothschild Foundations music project for Israeli youth.

When asked why he devotes so much time and energy to the Kfar Saba Community Band, he says, Its such a pleasant challenge to work with these adults.

Nachman Yariv has written many works and made arrangements for wind bands, some of which were published in the USA, Norway and Holland.

To the Life of this People (1985)

A medley of Israeli songs
Southern Music Company USA Duration: 7 minutes

Landscapes (1987)

This piece describes a tour around Israel through a collection of beautiful popular songs.
The tour starts in the green North through valleys to the Coastal Plain, on to Jerusalem the sacred, the Dead Sea and finally to the fascinating desert in the South.
Duration: 8 minutes

March "Eitan" (1989)

The march of the Israel Federation for Youth Orchestras and Bands. Dedicated to Israel Gihon.
Duration: 3 minutes

Ori's Dream (1991)

For Symphonic Band and Narrator
Fortissimo Forlag, Norway Duration: 14 minutes

The Match of Hope (1994)

The Match of Hope tries to describe how a little girl who has lost her family in the Warsaw Ghetto, is trying to survive by selling the last match from a box of matches.
The piece is dedicated to the children of the Warsaw Ghetto who fought for their existence and for their life - to the last shred of hope.
Molenaar Edition The Netherlands
Duration: 6 minutes

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